No Man’s Land is a mutating musical unit from Athens, Greece that started out in the mid-eighties and soon established itself on the local scene, largely due to their electrifying live shows. Their first album “Zalion” (1988) is a neo-psychedelic gem still much sought-after by connoisseurs. After a hiatus in the nineties, No Man’s Land re-emerged and hit the road once again, playing shows and recording new material. 2008 saw the release of “Home in the Sky” on the eclectic Athenian label Anazitisi Records, which continues to host their outings to this day. The immediate follow-up was a self-titled, limited edition, vinyl only album with two extended tracks. In 2010 they recorded and released “The Drowning Desert”. Two years later “Unprotected” followed.

NML’s sound has been described as “conjuring vistas of shimmering beauty, nightscapes at once soothing and foreboding, and a sense of ongoing motion - always within the context of actual songs”. Other descriptions include “balanced psychedelia”, “Lynchian space rock” and the more mundane “psychedelic prog”. The band itself has reportedly claimed that their music consists of “lots of scattershot items salvaged from different universes and appropriated into our own as we see fit”. NML’s new album “Infinite Equinox” is expected to impose itself upon the world in the autumn of 2016 and will mark a turning point in the band’s career – for one thing, the conception and execution of their new material is unlike anything they have ever come up with before.

Watch this space.